AML/KYC Compliance


Linked Money proposes to protect the integrity and stability of international financial system by cutting off the resources made available to the terrorists and making it more difficult to those who are engaged in crime to make profit from their criminal activity.

As a responsible business, Linked Money has stringent policies and procedures to counter terrorism financing and money laundering.


This is a practice by which criminally/illegally earned money or other assets are exchanged for “clean money” with no apparent association to its criminal origins. In the simplest form, criminals disguise the money gained from illegal activities to legal fund. The reasons to launder money may be to hide wealth, evade taxes, to increase profits or to avoid prosecution and other illegal activities. The socio- economic consequences of money laundering includes expansion of black economy raising questions on credibility and transparency of financial system. This helps to expand the crime and criminalize the society and weakens the Government control over the economy.


Terrorism Financing is the process of funding terrorists, their activities and their organizations. It involves providing or collecting funds where the person is irresponsible as to whether the funds will be used to facilitate or engage in a terrorist act. Terrorism can be raised by legitimate and illegitimate sources such as fund raising activities or drug trade or fraud. The effort to combat against terrorism financing is of great significance. This is considered as a comprehensive setback to the financial institutions like Linked Money.

To protect the reputation of the institution and to discharge the social responsibility towards the community, we do have to fight against the terrorism financing. An appropriate application of these policies and procedures help Linked Money to avert terrorism funding by ‘Know Your Customer’ policy or by means of blocking the transactions of names which are blacklisted.

  • Not knowingly launder money and enclose ample measures and controls to ensure that our business is not misused for money laundering and/or terrorist financing
  • Have in place ample measures and controls to ensure that its money transfer services are not misused for money laundering and/or terrorist financing.
  • We never advise our customers on how to avoid identification, record keeping or reporting requirements associated with money transfers or bank transfers.
  • Not to process a transaction unless it deems to have a legitimate purpose and the source of money is legitimate.
  • Diligent reporting of suspicious transaction in accordance with the relevant laws.
  • Retain records in accordance with the law and concerned authorities.
  • Decline obviously suspicious transactions.
  • Not split transactions to avoid government identification and reporting requirements or any policy of the concerned authority/ party.
  • Not deliberately aid illegal activity by recording bogus names or information.
  • Retain records and comply with the local regulators and law enforcement bodies.
  • Make certain that its entire staff and sub agent network receives regular anti-money laundering training and that attendance at such training is recorded promptly.
  • Adhere to AUSTRAC ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) guidelines, including verification of photo identification and confirmation of residential addresses and date of birth.
  • Carry out any transaction only after verifying and obtaining a photocopy of a valid proof of identification from the customer.
  • Maintain photocopies of proof of identification after verifying the document in original.
  • Where a transaction is being undertaken on behalf of another person, evidence of the identity of all persons concerned shall be obtained and kept on record.

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