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Do you often require sending money to different countries all over the world? If your condition is such then you must be always having tension whether the money reached the correct destination and the proper person. You may be also looking for having a safe way to transit money where you wish to. We at Linked Money can be your trusted friend in this regard. Our services would allow you to have secure, safe and fast money transfer to every corner of the earth. 

Why Be With Us

Yes, obviously there are others who offer similar nature of service enabling you to send money to Nepal but it cannot be guaranteed that you will have the same nature of peace of mind which you will have had our services. Let us see what makes us stand out from the rest before coming to the services that we offer. 

Low Fees: The charge that you have to pay is the lowest as compared to other service providers. There is no hidden cost so you do not have to spend a single penny more than required to send money to anywhere you wish to. 

Fast Delivery: The money that you transfer through us will be transferred in the shortest possible time. We understand the essence of time in such regards and do not waste a single moment to transfer your money to the designated person. 

Online Service: Our services are completely online. You do not have to waste your valuable time to be anywhere to have our services. You can send money to Nepal seating at the solace of your house and during any time of the day. 

The Services That We Offer

We make available various natures of services which you can have at an affordable rate to send money to anywhere in the world. 

Bank Transfer: Through our services, you can transfer money from your account to any other bank account in the world. Such service can be had through our online portal. We are trying to make available Mobile App so that you can transfer when you are on the move. 

Cash Pickup: If you wish to send money in cash then also we can be your trusted friend. We will pick up the money from your preferred location and deliver it safely to the designated person. You can rely on our services as we will be providing you a receipt signed by the person confirming having received the money.  

Mobile Wallet: You can easily send money to near and dear ones using a mobile wallet in the safest and secured manner through our services. 

So, if you have such a requirement then be in contact with us to have safe, secure and fast money transfer. 

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